BVLH Director’s Meeting Summary – March 29, 2021

Treasurer’s Report

The proposed budget for this year includes an in-person Annual General Meeting and BBQ tentatively planned for the end of the summer.

Science and Environment Committee

The 2020 Annual Report regarding watershed lake water quality shows the average total phosphorus in Heney to be 10.9 ug/L as measured in the late fall. Dissolved oxygen levels near the sediment water interface were 5.1 mg/L during summer, which is a significant improvement from conditions observed in the early 2000’s.

The committee is also investigating methods to increase dissolved oxygen through mechanical bubblers. This has the potential to lower phosphorus levels by enhancing retention in the sediments. Preliminary discussions regarding a demonstration on Lac Desormeaux (similar to the project on Lac Hotte) are underway.

Membership and Communications Committee

The Committee is developing a plan for more consistent messaging to the membership.

Bay Captains will have additional materials to distribute to watershed residents in the spring. More Bay Captains are needed to cover all designated areas in the watershed. Interested individuals should contact the association.

The Municipality of Lac Ste-Marie supports the Association’s desire to reduce the impacts of island camping. Signage with a “Leave No Trace” style message is proposed.

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