The purpose of the Lake Heney Foundation (LHF) is to manage the process of lake improvement with funds obtained from the Province of Quebec. The Foundation also manages gifts in the form of money or property in order to ensure the future protection of Lake Heney. The Foundation keeps property owners informed of progress regarding improvement efforts.  It is legally and organizationally separate from the Association. The Foundation is designated as a Charitable Organization by Canada Revenue Agency #85254 2984 RR0001.


  1. Protect and preserve the ecosystem of Lake Heney and its shoreline by undertaking specific activities, notably the inspection of septic systems located on the properties surrounding the lake, participation in a shoreline reforestation program, informing and increasing the awareness of persons located on the lakeshore to adopt environmentally sensitive habits, etc.
  2. Rehabilitate Lake Heney by undertaking, with the participation of experts, programs to reduce the level of phosphates in the water
  3. Educate the public and increase its understanding of the environment and its importance by distributing information on this subject.
  4. Receive gifts, bequests and other contributions in funds or kind and administer such gifts, bequests and contributions.
  5. Organize subscription campaigns to receive funds for the purposes of the corporation.
  6. Members of the Foundation or their delegates are not permitted to receive funds donated to the corporation.

In addition to undertake all other ancillary objectives compatible with these objectives

NOTE: Supplementary Letters Patent dated July 19 2004 and amended October 1 2008 registered with the Registrar of Enterprises Province of Quebec as number 1162375399.


  1. Only registered owners (i.e. those whose name appear on the Municipal tax bill) of properties bordering Heney Lake, or their designated alternate, are eligible for regular membership.  Owners of multiple properties, as well as co-owners, are restricted to one vote.
  2. Each member must commit to support the objectives of the Foundation, which are focused on the rehabilitation and preservation of Heney Lake and its watershed.
  3. Two existing regular members of the Foundation must co-sign the nomination form (or letter).
  4. Membership remains in effect until the member ceases to be the registered owner of the property or otherwise advises the Foundation of their intention to cease being a member.
  5. No dues are assessed to be a member.

Members are eligible to attend the Annual Meeting of the Foundation to:

  1. Receive the Annual Auditor’s Report
  2. Elect officers of the Board of Administration
  3. Confirm actions undertaken by the Board of Administration
  4. Such other business as may concern the Foundation.

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