Keeping the islands clean!

The islands are used by many people and the vast majority are responsible. Thank you to all who clean up after themselves and use the islands in an environmentally friendly manner.

As you can see from the photo, there was a decent amount of garbage this past weekend, but thankfully not as much as in the past.

Besides the regular “leave no trace” message, here are a few additional points to consider when you or your friends are heading over:

  1. Just because it is “organic” or “biodegradable” doesn’t mean it isn’t garbage. This means that you should take your watermelon rinds and other leftover food with you.
  2. Aluminum foil doesn’t burn so there is no reason to throw it in the firepit. It just ends up in little bits all around the pit.
  3. Do not wash your dishes in the lake. The majority of detergents are phosphate free but they still contain dyes and surfactants that pollute the water. Wash your dishes on land and pour the water into a pit well away from the shore.

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