APLH Director’s Meeting – Oct 19

Treasurer’s Report – Membership numbers are down this year, probably as a result of the pandemic.   Also, Bay Captains could not meet personally with cottagers and residents.

AGM 2020  – Mail in votes have started arriving and (so far) all are in support of the motions to re-elect the president and directors and to approve the 2019 financial report and the 2020 budget.

Science & Environmental Committee – Water sampling completed and dissolved oxygen is still measurable at deep parts of the lake which is a good sign.

Island Committee – Increased usage of the islands is becoming a problem.  Discussed environmental protection of the islands and responsibilities.  Talking to other lake associations about how they manage island camping.

Boat Launch – Members are expressing concern about boat launch access and boat storage.  Directors are reaching out to existing launch owners to clarify the situation.

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