Rescheduling the August 29 AGM

Following a broad discussion concerning current restrictions, venue options, deliverable timelines, and member expectations, it was agreed that the next AGM would be virtual due to continued uncertainty on pandemic restrictions for large in-person groups, and the formal meeting will be held on Saturday October 16, 2021, 9:30 to 11:00 AM, by Zoom (likely webinar format). If the Foundation decides to participate in the virtual meeting, it could be at 9:00 AM.

The formal reports and resolutions will be posted before August 29 and formally presented by zoom/ webinar at the AGM.

July E-Blast


Stay tuned for upcoming announcement of format and date!


The islands on Lac Heney are used by lake residents from time to time. In order to preserve the land and provide guidance on use we have placed signage on several islands. Please respect the signage and help protect our islands.


Both Municipalities (Lac-Sainte-Marie and Gracefield) are aware of the beaver dam problem and of the resulting high water level of Lac Heney. The dams were manually taken down once again last Thursday and water is running again at the lake outlet. However, the beavers rebuild the destroyed sections of the dams regularly, so both municipalities are working together to find a solution and correct the situation.


Blue-green algae or cyanobacteria are a natural phenomenon occurring in freshwater bodies. The amount of available nutrients (especially phosphorus and nitrogen) can determine the growth rate and quantity of algae present in a water body. Phosphorus and nitrogen can enter the water in many ways:

  • Soil erosion and poor run-off prevention. ENCOURAGE AND MAINTAIN PLANTS AT THE WATER’S EDGE – Please do NOT mow the lawn near the shoreline!
  • Use of fertilizers on lawns and farm fields. DO NOT FERTILIZE.
  • Poor maintenance of septic systems
  • Detergents and phosphate soaps. READ LABELS BEFORE YOU BUY SOAPS. PHOSPHATE FREE!!
  • Grass clippings and leaves blown directly into the water. PICK UP CLIPPINGS IF YOU MUST CUT.
  • **Pet waste. SEE BELOW.
  • Removal of weeds from shallow water at the shore. DO NOT REMOVE PLANTS TO CLEAR A BEACH.

Managing pet waste

Pet waste contains bacteria, potential pathogens, and nutrients. This can reduce opportunities for swimming, fishing, and other lake activities, while contributing to the growth of aquatic plants and blue- green algae. While it may not seem like a big deal if your dog ‘contributes’ some waste to the neighbourhood environment, consider how many homes have a pet. PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET.

Spring 2021 Update

Welcome to the lakes and to the opening up of our region. We are hopeful that the summer and fall of 2021 will be better for everyone as the pandemic starts to subside. 

The Annual General Meeting of the BVLH Watershed will be held outdoors under a tent on Sunday August 29, 2021 on the grounds of the Lac-Sainte-Marie municipal offices: 

Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie Community Centre
106, chemin Lac-Sainte-Marie
Box 97
Lac-Sainte-Marie (Québec)
J0X 1Z0

PLEASE JOIN US!!  The association meeting will start at 10:30 am. Lunch will be served at noon. Free BBQ and soft drinks for all members. This is an opportunity to hear about the following:

  • Bay Captains and their work during the pandemic
  • The state of the lakes in our watershed and their water quality (Noir, Vert, à la Barbue, Desormeaux, and Heney) 
  • The new signage for islands on Lac Heney and priorities for protecting their environment
  • Information regarding candidates running in the upcoming municipal elections


  • Mugs and shirts will be for sale to support the work of the association.
  • You can pay dues at the meeting if you have not paid online at