Help Support Lake Research!

Researchers from the Canadian Museum of Nature are asking for our help to document and understand the biodiversity of lac Heney.

If you happen to see dead smelt in shallow water of Lac Heney immediately after ice-out, please collect and store some in your freezer. Contact us or send an email to and we will organize a pick up.

Why? A thorough understanding of the lake ecosystem is essential to protecting the lake. Restoration of the lake trout might depend on a solid base of forage fish, such as these smelt.

Want to learn more about the research? You can check out this link.

Mark your calendars

Now that the sanitary measures allow it, and provided that it is still the case this summer, we will hold events in person this summer! We are all really looking forward to meeting and socializingwith you all!

Mark These Dates

Barbecue: Sunday, July 10, 2022 – to meet and socialize among members. Venue and details to come.

Annual General Meeting: Sunday, August 28, 2022 – to keep up to date on the latest research, scientific analysis, lake conditions and developments that impact properties and quality of life for residents of the watershed.